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 January 28, 2021

By  Graeme Clark

How to Boost Immune System – Recover Faster from Viruses

The global pandemic has taught us many important lessons. Possibly the most important being that we must take care of our health by preventing or mitigating poor health conditions. Most of the deaths due to covid-19 have been due to obesity and pre-existing health conditions. How can we boost our immune systems and become generally healthier?

how to boost immune system

The same healthy lifestyle principles apply to this as well. It’s important to look at your health as a whole and do the things which are proven to lower your weight, blood pressure, and make you feel better overall. These are the main things we all need to do on a consistent basis:

  • Quit smoking:

“Previous studies have shown the profound impacts of cigarette smoking on T cells and their release of proinflammatory mediator”, - Oncotarget. 2017 Jan 3 (link below in References). The mechanisms are poorly understood, but studies have shown cigarette smoking to decrease immune system response and cause various diseases.

  • Consume a higher proportion of vegetables, healthy fats and organic meats.
  • Workout at least 2-3 times per week for 30-60 minutes per session (mix of cardio and weight training)
  • Lower your stress. Is something in your life causing you a lot of stress? You need to figure out how to reduce it or, better yet, completely remove it from your life.
  • Take vitamin C and D daily. (You can also get adequate vitamin D from the sun if you live near the equator).
  • Take bovine colostrum supplements:

“Bovine milk contains many components that have immunomodulatory and antimicrobial properties. Bovine immunoglobulins (bIg), in particular bovine IgG, have been studied since the 1970's for their potential effects on immunity and infection in humans.

livestus liposomal colostrum

Bovine IgG can not only bind to a wide range of pathogenic bacteria and viruses, but also to many allergens. In addition, the specificity of the immunoglobulins in the milk or colostrum can be increased by vaccinating the cows before collecting their milk or colostrum. After vaccination hyperimmune colostrum is strongly enriched for IgG1 that recognizes the pathogen included in the vaccine. Indeed, the first studies on the use of oral bovine immunoglobulins to prevent and treat gastrointestinal infections have focused on the use of hyperimmune colostrum containing rotavirus-specific immunoglobulins” - Front Nutr. 2018 (link below in References)

  • Sleep 7-9 hours per night on average:

“If we sleep too little, we become unable to process what we’ve learned during the day and we have more trouble remembering it in the future. Researchers also believe that sleep may promote the removal of waste products from brain cells—something that seems to occur less efficiently when the brain is awake.

Sleep is vital to the rest of the body too. When people don’t get enough sleep, their health risks rise. Symptoms of depression, seizures, high blood pressure and migraines worsen. Immunity is compromised, increasing the likelihood of illness and infection”, - John Hopkins Medicine (link below in References)

  • Don’t drink alcohol or drink in moderation
 To avoid infection from viruses or bacteria you must; wash your hands or use alcohol after touching anything that wasn’t sanitized, maintain 2m distance from others especially if they’re not wearing a mask and avoid eating raw meat.
protect and defend against viruses

protect and defend against viruses

According to Harvard Health Publishing, “If you suspect your diet is not providing you with all your micronutrient needs — maybe, for instance, you don't like vegetables — taking a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement may bring other health benefits, beyond any possibly beneficial effects on the immune system. Taking megadoses of a single vitamin does not. More is not necessarily better.”

Megadosing vitamin supplements probably won’t help and could actually hurt you unless you have an extreme deficiency in something vital like vitamin C. We all know by now that vitamin C deficiency can cause scurvy, a deadly disease from the pirate days. Therefore, if someone had an extreme deficiency in vitamin C, they should consult a doctor of natural medicine to test a blood sample and discover how low the levels are so they can recommend the correct dosage.

Conclusion for How to Boost Immune System

The immune system is a very complex system and its strength varies from person to person. Although one cannot avoid getting sick if they come in contact with a highly contagious virus, they can mitigate the negative effects by having a stronger immune system and being healthier in general.

We can’t predict when we will get sick so it’s important to start living a healthier lifestyle today. As the old proverb goes, “Pay for your health now or pay for it later”. It doesn’t necessarily cost more to live a healthier lifestyle but it should does cost a lot if you get sick and even worse you could pay with your life! Don’t delay start today.


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Graeme Clark

Co-founder and Operations Manager

Graeme Clark

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