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 July 1, 2021

By  Keith Rogers


Healing and revitalizing your body are several of the hottest topics in the pandemic world.  In fact, our global focus seems to finally be upon the absolute need of the human race to feed your body with products which have health benefits.  Say hello to COLOSTRUM!


We have all heard about colostrum being the “ultimate anti-aging, weight loss and immune supplement”, as well as the medical data regarding heightened colostrum and boosts to the immune system. Similarly, several studies have recently been performed to find out more about colostrum’s role in recovery from high-intensity exercise. 


For example, an Australian cyclist study found that the amount of work completed was significantly greater in the group of athletes on a colostrum supplement than those that were not. This suggests that colostrum could boost recovery from high-intensity exercise.


Why did bovine colostrum improve the cyclists’ ability to handle tough efforts at the end of the two-hour ride? There are several possible explanations.  For one thing, bovine colostrum contains a very important compound called plasma insulin-like growth factor I, or IGF-1. IGF-1 spurs the passage of nutrients into cells and can stimulate growth.  Also, bovine IGF-1 has the same basic structure as human IGF-1, and thus it is possible that the IGF-1 in bovine colostrum might boost energy levels within muscles, kick-start protein synthesis, and aid recovery after strenuous workouts. 


Other colostrum claims include: Greater resistance to disease; Quicker fat burning; Improved muscle building, Balancing of blood sugar; and overall mood enhancement.


If the colostrum benefits sound too good to be true, remember that it has been shown that while colostrum will boost your immune system, you still may get sick even if you are on colostrum.  But, taking colostrum will enable you to be the last person to get sick and the first one in your family to recover from any common sickness. Sounds good, right?


To purchase the highest quality colostrum at an affordable price, try Livestus Colostrum at https://www.livestuslaboratories.com


  If you have any questions about bovine colostrum, the knowledgeable people there will be happy to assist you. Here’s to the health and revitalization of your body today with Livestus Colostrum!  

Keith Rogers

Co-founder and Operations Manager

Graeme Clark

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