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 October 1, 2021

By  Keith Rogers

Colostrum is produced by all mammals immediately after birth of the newborn. Colostrum is packed full of high nutrients and inflammatory benefits, and supplies the essential kick-start to life for every newborn. In fact, an infant would die if it did not receive colostrum at birth. That said, it is not a surprise that it is recommended to continue consuming colostrum throughout your life.

Due to the natural fact that colostrum is only produced for a short while after birth, human beings must satisfy their daily intake needs for colostrum through bovine or cow colostrum. Since cows produce a much larger amount of colostrum milk during the birthing period, this enables considerable amounts of bovine colostrum to be harvested immediately after the birth of a calf for commercial distribution and future human being ingestion.
The major benefits of humans taking bovine colostrum are set forth below:

Number One Bovine Colostrum Benefit: Body Health. All humans desiring a healthy body need to look no further than to bovine colostrum. This is because, unlike artificially prepared supplements, bovine colostrum is obtained from natural sources and accordingly does not contain any substances harmful to your health. For example, colostrum contains various antibodies as well as other immune factors to ward off infectious agents. Just like a new born baby derives immunity from colostrum, humans of all ages can experience the same. When taken regularly, the daily human consumption of colostrum will lead to a healthier you.

Number Two Bovine Colostrum Benefit: Growth. The next benefit of consuming bovine colostrum is the fact that it contains all the needed growth elements. Various body organs, such as the gut, are nourished and healed upon regularly ingesting colostrum. In fact, there are wide ranging testimonials of people who reported miraculous relief from disease and disorders after taking bovine colostrum. Since it contains valuable nutrients for growth, it is a product recommended for anyone keen on maintaining a physically fit body.

Number Three Bovine Colostrum Benefit: Anti-Aging.
It is a scientific fact that human beings begin to age immediately after puberty. This is due to the decline in production of growth hormones. Some people devise dubious means to fight off this natural process. These range from cosmetic products and surgery to supplements, which all have the potential to cause harmful side effects including cancers. Fortunately, it has been established that bovine colostrum contains all the necessary ingredients to fight the aging process.

Other reported and documented benefits from taking bovine colostrum include weight loss, digestion assistance and increasing mental acuity. In sum, bovine colostrum is one product anybody keen on an all around physically fit body needs to get and take!

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Keith Rogers

Co-founder and Operations Manager

Graeme Clark

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