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 October 15, 2021

By  Keith Rogers

Statistics and medical research have shown that all people are vulnerable to cancer diseases. Cancer is a disease that is specifically related to an immune system deficiency. In fact, cancer cells are created in the human body all the time, but unfortunately our human immune systems are at times unable to kill these cancer cells before they develop further and become hazardous. The development of cancer cells occurs when the human immune system becomes unable to effectively do its job, allowing the opportunistic cancer cells to expand their invasion in our bodies and spread out of control.

So in order to fight cancer, one should strengthen their defense by boosting their body’s immune system. Fortunately, taking Colostrum can help boost the immune system! This is due to the fact that Colostrum contains the antioxidant phytic acid which prevents iron from reaching and nourishing cancer cells.

Colostrum also contains many bioactive compounds. Some of these beneficial molecules have been intensively studied for their effects on the growth of cancer cells, as wells as apoptosis, or a type of cell death. In fact, researchers have found that the natural killer cells that are present in colostrum provide resistance against tumors. Other components of colostrum that can potentially inhibit the process of cancer formation are Tumor Necrosis Factor, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, proline-rich polypeptide (PRP), and TGF-beta like peptide.

Colostrum studies and research have also shown that Colostrum produces interferon and peroxidase inside the body. These two substances are responsible for the dramatic recovery of many cancer patients.
Although Colostrum has shown many benefits for cancer patients, it does not change the DNA. Many humans are predisposed to cancer, and many of us have dormant cancer cells in our body. However, a healthy diet and consuming nutritional supplements such as Colostrum can discourage the proliferation of unhealthy cells.

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Taking Livestus Colostrum boosts the immune system to top fighting form! Benefit your health today and start taking Livestus Colostrum — available in both capsule and powder forms https://www.livestuslaboratories.com.

Because while our world does not presently have a cure for cancer, the regular consumption of Colostrum can heal and improve your health!

Keith Rogers

Co-founder and Operations Manager

Graeme Clark

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