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Health Benefits Include:

  • Restores the hormonal system back to levels associated with youth.
  • Boosts the immune system to top fighting form.
  • Restores the digestive system to it's optimal function.
  • Provides you with every basic essential nutrient your body needs.
  • Increases strength and athletic performance while decreasing recovery time.

​Product Features:

  • ​Made in the USA from grass fed cows.
  • No growth hormones like RBST.
  • All natural, no artificial flavors or preservatives.
  • ​Liposomal coating maximizes bio-availability.

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"Fixed My Candida Issues and Improved My Skin and Nails; Awesome Customer Service!"

​First off, I would like to say that customer service with Livestus Laboratories is AAA+. They promptly answered all my questions and sent out some good info to me after I purchased the product.

I have only been taking these Liposomal Colostrum Capsules for about a month but I have felt great improvement for my candida issue. I have had severe candida issues for 4 years and these liposomal colostrum capsules made a huge difference.

An added bonus is that I have been feeling great, I have more energy and elevated mood. My appearance has improved as well. My fingernails are getting thicker and the half moons are coming back. I have had thin nails almost all my life.

Livestus Liposomal Colostrum has also improved my skin. I used to have dry, rough scaly skin on my heels. No matter how much I would buff the skin on my feet the dry, rough scaly, skin would always come back within a few days or weeks.

But not anymore! I no longer have rough dry cracked skin on my heels & I haven't buffed them out at all. I also have noticed the wrinkles on my face are smoother and some have even disappeared entirely. My husband says I look younger - and I feel younger too!

I can't wait to see and feel more improvements as I keep taking this wonderful product. I will update again within a month.

​Bethy Lujan

​Amazon Customer Review

​"Product, Saved Me From Rheumatoid Arthritis, I Can’t Live Without It Now!"

​After taking this product for a few weeks, I can safely say that I don't think I could live without it anymore. Where have you been all my life?!??! Please don't ever change or discontinue this product!

I developed with Rheumatoid arthritis this summer. After much searching I learned it's all leaky gut related. By some stroke of luck, my searching led me to Livestus liposomal colostrum.

I was pretty bad when I first decided to give it a try. I was sick as a dog. Changing my diet had provided some relief, but not much. These liposomal colostrum capsules literally has saved my life.

I can tolerate most foods now. I am thinking more clearly - no brain fog! I'm not depressed, in fact I feel better than ever. I have more energy instead of the exhaustion and full body joint pain that I had before.

I feel so much better now. This really is a miraculous product. Many thanks to Livestus Laboratories for this amazing product!


​Amazon Customer Review

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