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 December 13, 2021

By  Keith Rogers

Colostrum contains high levels of immunoglobulins — the self-defense mechanism by which the human body fights infection. Colostrum is also nature’s first food for mammals and is chalked full of valuable growth factors to nourish the new born.

The antiviral, antibiotic and general immune boosting properties of colostrum were recognized many thousands of years ago and were used extensively prior to the discovery of antibiotics and sulphur drugs.

Today colostrum is not only recognized for its immune boosting properties, but also its growth factor benefits and tissue healing properties which allow Colostrum in the human body to increase stamina and speed up recovery from injury.

The immune system is the mechanism by which the body fights infection. Daily, our immune system needs to work optimally to combat foreign substances that enter our bodies. Modern life has placed more stress on our system. The everyday demands of life, especially in our ongoing global pandemic world, as well as the large amount of processed food human’s choose to eat, places greater amounts of stress on the body’s delicate balance. This often leads to the body’s immune system requiring assistance to fight infections. By taking bovine colostrum as a supplement, humans can help support their immune system.

Colostrum contains a combination of bioactive components to support a healthy immune system. The most valuable components in bovine colostrum include Immunoglobulins (Ig’s). Immunoglobulins are proteins that are generated by the body in response to foreign substances (antigens) such as infectious microbes. Ig’s are present in the whey component of milk, human serum and other body fluids.
Taking bovine colostum is not there to replace drugs, such as antibiotics, but to help boost the human immune system and help the body in its everyday fight to prevent viral and bacterial infections. As we get older, the human body loses some of its ability to fight infections and replace worn out tissue.

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This Holiday season and New Year, treat your human body with one of the most important nutritional supplements available for enhancing the immune system, tissue healing and gut health. The 2022 New Year beckons the support of humans everywhere by embracing and promoting the ultimate health and safety of each and every human-being.

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Keith Rogers

Co-founder and Operations Manager

Graeme Clark

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