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 June 21, 2021

By  Keith Rogers

Autism, better known today as autism spectrum disorders (ASD), is a pervasive development disorder (PDD). Fortunately, recent scientific studies have reported that the daily introduction of colostrum in the human body can have a major beneficial impact on the varying degrees of impairment, specifically in communication skills, social interactions, and repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behavior.

The hallmark feature of autism is impaired social interaction. As early as infancy, a baby with autism may be unresponsive to people or focus intently on one item, to the exclusion of others, for long periods of time. Many children with autism engage in repetitive movements, such as rocking and twirling, or in self-abusive behavior, like biting or head-banging. Some affected children speak in a sing-song voice about a narrow range of favorite topics, with little regard for the interests of the person to whom they are speaking. In addition, they ordinarily do not know how to play inter-actively with other children. Children with autism spectrum disorders also have a reduced sensitivity to pain, but are abnormally sensitive to sound, touch or other sensory stimulations. In addition to the behavioral and social impairments, children with autism spectrum disorders often have associated complications such as mental retardation and/or seizures.

The Benefits of Bovine Colostrum

Colostrum is an amazing material that, like many other things in nature, reflects the evolutionary development of a unique composition that will serve the needs of the offspring for which it is intended. The most unique of the colostrums from mammalian species occurs in bovines, where transfer of biological substances across the placenta to the developing fetus does not occur and everything required for the development of a healthy, productive offspring is provided in the colostrum. As such, bovine colostrum provides a specialized resource that offers the broadest possible spectrum of biologically active substances that can promote the development of a sound body mass, assure effective and efficient metabolism and support the activation and maintenance of a fully functional immune system capable of combating potential insults from microorganisms and other sources.

Bovine colostrum can readily convey its full benefits to humans by routine dietary supplementation without any significant adverse effects. The active substances found in high quality first milking bovine colostrum may, upon human consumption, also have positive and significant benefits to individuals with autism spectrum disorders, such as autism!

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Keith Rogers

Co-founder and Operations Manager

Graeme Clark

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