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 September 15, 2021

By  Keith Rogers


In today’s world, we are all hoping to ease our frustrations and improve our earthly existence.  Allow me to introduce you to Colostrum!  What exactly is bovine colostrum? So glad you asked.  Bovine colostrum is an all natural substance contained in the mother of all mammals which is produced a few weeks before, and for a short period after birth.


What many of us simply do not know is how beneficial this ‘first milk’ can be to our the human body.  In fact, Colostrum has such a wide range of health factors that can benefit us whether we are newborns, or entering the later stages of our lives. Plus, the great thing about it is that we do not need to add anything else to it! Colostrum is a ‘whole food’! That is what is so powerful about this all natural first milk, and that is why we can all benefit from taking colostrum.


Weight Loss

How is Colostrum effective for someone who wants to lose weight? Well first off, it increases or metabolism, increases thermogenesis, and shrinks fat cells. The next thing to understand about Colostrum is that it also helps maintain and improve our lean muscle mass, or what our earthly body uses to burn fat. It also contains a hormone-like protein called leptin, which suppresses the appetite and promotes fat loss. 


We have all witnessed with the recent diet fads or weight loss pills that most dieters go through a few weight loss stages. With the majority of weight loss products on the global market today, the weight loss hopeful first loses water weight, then lean muscle and eventually fat. However, with Colostrum our bodies retain the underlying lean muscle and weight loss results in the loss of fat and unwanted inches.  Thus, when we do lose weight taking Colostrum, our improved lean muscle mass can help us keep it off.


That is what is so powerful about Colostrum  — it can help you lose weight and keep it off.


Feel Better

Colostrum contains a wide range of different immune factors that can help us fend off disease, prevent and rapidly recover from injury, and ward off infections. As we age our immune system becomes less efficient, making it harder for the body to protect itself and less effective in removing the toxins that build up in our system.  Long term good health necessitates having an

effective immune system. Again, another huge health benefit of Colostrum.


Improved Health

Colostrum also contains numerous anti-aging and metabolic factors to help the human body remain in a more healthy, youthful state. It contains IGF-1 which promotes active cell growth, increases bone mass, increases skin elasticity, improves nutrient uptake, and energizes the body.


Plus, the regular taking of Colostrum increases your daily energy.  This energy that I am talking about is not like the burst of energy commonly felt after consuming must popular energy drinks; that sudden kind of buzz that feels unnatural and is inevitably followed by a ‘crash’.  Colostrum energy is a natural energy that allows a person to do what they want to do without feeling lethargic or tired.


When you take authentic Bovine Colostrum, feelings like, “Ugh, not right now, I’ll deal with it later” become responses of the past … and when something needs to get done, you are able to just get up and do it! To maintain consistency in the overall health of your body consider Livestus Colostrum found at https://www.livestuslaboratories.com.


If you want to maintain a high quality of health and vitality for all of your earthly years you are urged to consider taking Colostrum.  Contact Livestus Laboratories at https://www.livestuslaboratories.com to experience your desired total body health and wellness far into the future.

Keith Rogers

Co-founder and Operations Manager

Graeme Clark

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