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 January 8, 2021

By  Graeme Clark

What is Brain Fog? How to Regain Mental Clarity with Good Healthy Habits


What is brain fog and why do we have it sometimes? We’ve all been there; woke up feeling a bit hazy, couldn’t remember the name of that movie you just watched, lost your train of thought mid-sentence or forgot where you put your keys. But what if we could do something to fix this lack of mental clarity?

Some common mental struggles we face:

• Forgetfulness or memory issues
• Difficulty concentrating
• Lack of concentration while doing work
• Foggy mental clarity


Fortunately, with some good daily healthy habits, we can overcome these mental issues. It all starts with a good diet, proper supplementation, exercise, restful sleep and relaxation. That being said, the common causes of brain fog are: stress, lack of sleep, poor diet, certain medications, health conditions and vitamin deficiencies.

Diet Tips

In my opinion, the best diet for brain fog and many other health issues is the ketogenic diet. Now, it’s not important to be on a strict diet and you don’t need to be in ketosis to feel the benefits. Most important thing is to cut back on sugar and carbs 5-6 days a week and replace those calories with high quality fats. For example, replace the sugar in your coffee with stevia or monk fruit extract and add some coconut oil or MCT oil. Livestus Liposomal Colostrum has some MCT oil and I often put it in my coffee but would advise a cold brew or iced coffee to maintain the potency of the nutrients in the colostrum.

Your diet should be focused primarily on vegetables, healthy oils, quality meats and seafoods, nuts and dairy. Dairy is optional but it makes the ketogenic diet far easier to follow. I like to make chicken salads, steak with vegetables, eggs and smoothies when I’m following this diet.

Supplementation for Brain Fog

Many people experience fatigue and brain fog due to vitamin deficiencies. It’s highly recommended for everyone to take vitamin D and C daily but what else should we be doing? Supplements like omega 3’s, probiotics, vitamin b-12 or a vitamin b complex will help a lot.

Bovine colostrum is known for reducing brain fog so how does it work? Many symptoms including brain fog are a cause of low IGF-1 levels. Bovine colostrum has many natural growth factors and help to boost your IGF-1 levels which alleviates brain fog, fatigue, weak immune system and at the same time decreases muscle recovery time, balances hormone levels and has many other scientifically proven benefits. A quick Google search will show you a mountain of studies done on bovine colostrum for various health issues.

If you’re interested to learn more you can download this PDF here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6326569/

More Ways to Treat Brain Fog

There are some other proven ways you can reduce brain fog. These methods also help to treat many other health issues because they involve living a healthier lifestyle. Do things like

• Sleep 7-9 hours per night
• Exercise a minimum of 2-3 times per week 30 minutes per session (cardio and weight training)
• Reduce stress as best you can
• Eat more nutritious foods
• Exercising your brain! (games, puzzles, books, etc)
• Doing enjoyable activities


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Graeme Clark

Co-founder and Operations Manager

Graeme Clark

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