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 November 12, 2021

By  Keith Rogers

Health is a part of preparedness. Once you lose your health your ability to take care of yourself and others becomes hindered. Throughout history, our world has struggled for help from medical issues and injuries, and as the world is presently experiencing with our Covid-19 pandemic, our global medical sphere is hardworking and determined. With all the incredible vaccines and treatment miracles our medical world has blessed our world with, we must all recognize and appreciate the gut-health link.

Truth is that the complex immune system and its curative responses are all tied to the gut. In fact, today’s medical authorities repeatedly stress how important gut health is in every humans overall mental and physical health, with many suggesting the ability to heal the human gut lining using probiotics, bone broth, fermented foods like homemade yogurt, kiefer, kombucha, and COLOSTRUM!

The history about bovine colostrum is truly fascinating. Before modern antibiotics were discovered doctors used colostrum for infections, and the famous Dr. Saulk who made the first Polio vaccine found the antibodies to fight polio were naturally in a cows colostrum for her calf. In fact, there is a huge history, spanning decades, of the doctors and farmers of Scandinavian nations using bovine colostrum to support and treat health, as well as to help regulate autoimmune diseases by helping the thymus gland to not overreact and to stop attacking the body.

For anyone suffering from gut pains and discomfort, the recommended gut support product, which also boosts the immune system, can be found in made in the USA bovine colostrum from Livestus Laboratories – https://www.livestuslavoratories.com.

Livestus Liposomal Colostrum comes n powder (to add to smoothies), as well in capsules for people who can easily swallow pills.

In our modern world, the ongoing pandemic has reminded every human of the absolute importance and essential need to support their gut health and boost their immune system.

Improve your gut and strengthen you immune system today with bovine colostrum from Livestus Laboratories https://www.livestuslavoratories.com.

Because bovine colostrum will help to keep you and your family alive and healthy.

Keith Rogers

Co-founder and Operations Manager

Graeme Clark

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